Where did the Trump votes go?

I have heard so many comments about the election having been stolen that I have given it some serious thought. I fully expected him to win the election. I didn’t vote for him but the many supporters he had seemed to guarantee the necessary number of votes for him to win. What happened?

I feel like evaluating the events before, during and after the election explain the difference between lost and stolen. I have experienced the certainty that items from my home had been stolen only to find them where I misplaced them and I realize this was incorrect on my part.

Here are the places I consider that “misplaced votes” are likely to have been lost rather than stolen.

Number 1:

231,566 people died from COVID by Nov. 3 2020. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/03/coronavirus-live-updates.html

I am absolutely certain some Republicans, planning to vote their party were in that number of deaths. It is likely that some friends and family of these people realized that this disease is real, and was not “just like the typical flu”. Of those some are likely to have changed their decision to vote for a leader who called it a hoax designed to interfere in the coming election.

Number 2:

Republicans were told not to vote by mail, the plan would be to stop counting votes when the polls closed at 10 pm. Mail in votes would likely not be counted.The counts of mail in ballots show 72% for Biden. This gives the appearance that Republican voters generally did not mail in their votes. Persons that felt unsafe voting in person and that their vote would not be counted, may very well have simply not voted.

Number 3

This looked pretty big to me. Supporters were encouraged to watch the voters closely and suggested that carrying their weapons might also be a good idea.

There is at least one video that shows some supporters of former president, protesting directly outside one poling station in Virginia, a number of voters felt intimidated and were escorted inside because of concerns about safety. https://www.businessinsider.com/virginia-trump-supporters-intimidated-voters-disrupt-early-voting-2020-9 I suspect this scene occurred in a number of others locations as well. The caravans of supporters that bogged down and even blocked traffic in New York as a show of force during the last two days of early voting likely intimidated Republican voters as well as Democratic votes. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2020/11/02/trump-supporters-organize-caravan-parade-in-the-bronx

Expecting that at least some of these people were armed likely caused a number of people to avoid voting in those locations. It is possible that a number of Republican votes were lost, in that number, as well.

Supporting my opinions I refer to the run off election for the two Republican senators that lost their seats to Democrats. The tie was so close at the first election that it was necessary to vote again to determine a clear winner. After the former president made his speeches, the end result was that the Democrats won the minimum number of seats in order to gain a majority during a Democratic presidency. I see that as votes being lost for the Republican senators.

The former president’s speech while, the electoral votes were counted, convinced some of his more radical supporters to storm the session leaving people dead, and changed Republican votes. There is no need to guess why these votes changed, they told us straight out. No doubts or misunderstanding about that vote.

So I surmise that, just like my conclusion things have been stolen is generally wrong, there was an error made in concluding that the election was stolen. Simply put votes were lost or misplaced. Republicans may find those very votes and leverage them once again, in up coming elections.

My opinion.

Teri Hughes

This article was written by Teri H